Loud & Clear Launches New Website

Clifford, the Loud & Clear Music Store mascottHey, Everyone:

The team here at Loud & Clear Audio Visual is excited to present our new website, the kickoff to our reformed pro sound installation, rental, and services facility here in Sonoma County, CA, and then more recently, the addition of our new Loud & Clear store.

Putting this all together, we’ve had a chance to reflect upon the years of service to a very impressive audio visual installation and rental client base. We want to share with you now how much it means to us to have your continued support in this time of transition. We are so excited to be starting fresh with our own site, store, the same great team, and all of you! Thank you for being such great clients all these years, and for hanging in there through the changes. Come by the store and say “hi”!

2 comments to Loud & Clear Launches New Website

  • Hi Neville and the gang. Nice website and newsletter. Congratulations on your anniversary too. You are still on 360NorCal also. http://360norcal.com/360cotati.php
    Hope you still use the tour for your benefit. And thank you for your support also…den.

  • Tom Cacy

    Thank you for being such a valuable asset to the community for so many years. The used equipment you now offer is like a dream come true for some of us starving Musicians! I bought my first Roland synth there when you were Zone (early 90’s) and have never looked back. I’ll be in your store for the next keyboard as well. I have NEVER heard a bad word spoken about Loud & Clear and don’t expect to.

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